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java web hosting reviews For Your Reading Pleasure

There is a little Adsense secret that is rarely discussed but which can help any web host to tremendously increase their Adsense earnings.

Finding a good virtual Web hosting company can done by asking current and former customers about their experience. I know this may seem like a big pain in the ass, and maybe impractical, but think about how critical your web presence is to your operation. If you’re site goes offline due to a web hosts tech issue, you’ll very likely spend hours on the phone and on your email trying to get back up. Many online tools are available that can assist you to find an extremely reliable hosting service. With the myriad of choice available, it is necessary for the consumer to discriminate. Since shared Web hosting is conceived as only a low-end, low-margin commodity by the industry itself, it is necessary for the consumer to be very wary. There are literally thousands of hosts that offer shared and virtual Web hosting services. While many provide extremely good service, others provide service that is less than desirable. In order to find suitable Web hosts, consumers must conduct due diligence.

I’ll be back soon to make some recommendations based on my own research.

Mysql Server Optimization for DBA

Mon, 02 Jul 2007 12:45:16 -0400
MySQL is the most widely used multi-user, multi-threading SQL database
management system. To optimize MySQL performance, a DBA should have
reasonable knowledge of MySQL system variables. This
article covers the basics of MySQL server optimization. We will first
discuss MySQL optimization during installation. Then
we will discuss the seven most important and common system variables.
Plus, a brief note on how to optimize the server using those seven

We will also discuss MySQL status variables. This article would be very
useful for a newbie MySQL DBA when setting up a MySQL server.


Mon, 26 May 2008 14:12:09 +0000 is proud to announce the latest release of its free hosting plan.

If you’re after a webhosting service with a difference, professional support, reliable uptime with an easy to use interface- look no further than our free webhosting service. offers the following in every free hosting plan.

* 250MB disk space

* 6GB monthly transfer

* 3 MySQL databases with MyPHPAdmin

* Instant activation. No waiting around!

* Powerful CPanel administration

* Fantastico script installer

* Unlimited catch-all email, with Webmail and custom MX records

* Subdomain

* Add up to 5 custom TLD domains (

* Custom error pages with full .htaccess

* Add your own advertisements to earn revenue

* Useful Statistics reporting

* Galleries, Blogs and CMS ready to install

* Up to 3 different forum software ready to install

For more information, please check out a detailed list of all the features included in our free hosting plan.

Our live online help, community forums and support ticket feature offer great solutions to customers experiencing difficulty with their websites.

For more information, please visit

I’d be interested to hear your comments or suggestions on how to improve this package for the benefit of the webhosting community.

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