Friday, May 30, 2008

Thoughts about storage space

Another Great storage space Article

It was very upsetting for us to find out that we were considered existing

customers of theirs, while this is incorrect. We might have used their

servers, but without our knowledge and indirectly, as it was purchased

from another hosting company and not from them.

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That is why the better option is to build up your own list, which with the right online marketing tactics and strategy should not be too difficult to do. Once you have built a fairly huge list (which can be done quite quickly) you can then sell your hosting service to them even as you put up your web site to run the hosting service.

Something not many people know when choosing a web host is the importance of choosing a host that will aid your marketing and your website’s niche. This can be very important if you are running an online store depending on the geographic region you are focusing on. So first let’s start with an explanation of why this all depends on who your site’s visitors will be.

We have cybersquatting, but why not cybersitting or cyberstanding?  Just doesn’t seem to be fair, does it?  Personally growing a little tired myself of sticking “cyber” in front of anything dangerous or bad on the Web.  We’ll cover that and many more deep thought provoking questions on this week’s edition of the Web Hosting Show.

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