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Another Great host gator rebate Article

host gator rebate and More needs a redesign, some say. My personal pet peeve in my navigations through Godaddy is the feeling that I may have stumbled into another type of site, that is a niche of ill repute other than web hosting. Attractive women posing with “no thanks” at the bottom of page in small print. I’ll stop here.

October/November 2004

Fri, 15 Oct 2004 14:04:13 -0400

Web Host Industry Review Magazine - October/November 2004Table of Contents

Preventing Fraud

Hosting the Election

Problem Customers

International Opportunities

Teaming with VARs

Sender ID Sees Opposition

This is a neat tutorial will show you how to create Web Host company header using photoshop and the free stock photo above.

# cat /etc/debian_version

According to independent studies, 1 and 1 hosts almost 2.6 million active web sites and has 9.1 million domains registered. 1 and 1’s global community is 7.07 million customers strong. Expanding globally, 1 and 1 is already one of the United States’ top five service providers. The data transfer rate of business and consumer Web sites hosted is nearly 6.5 petabytes per month. Connectivity Issue Right Now?

Wed, 27 Feb 2008 00:36:25 +1100

There seems to be some connectivity issue with regarding to my VPS at Web24 (profiled at VPS AU here) right now. For my websites hosted there, the heading will load, and then part of the content, and then the browser will just stall there trying to fetch the rest of the page but they never arrive.

Web24 is coloc at Fujitsu data centre in Melbourne, and a quite traceroute check with mtr shows around 20-40% packet loss at Fujitsu data centre.

$ mtr -r
HOST: localhost Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev
1. 0.0% 30 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.7 0.1
7. 3.3% 30 19.2 22.4 17.6 73.6 11.2
8. so-0-2-0.XR2.MEL1.ALTER.NET 0.0% 30 29.0 34.2 28.3 125.5 17.6
9. 411.AT-6-0-0.GW4.MEL1.ALTER. 0.0% 30 87.0 35.5 29.2 104.3 16.6
10. fuji865-mel-gw.aspac.custome 13.3% 30 32.9 50.6 31.5 231.3 47.9
11. 10.0% 30 33.9 34.0 31.6 38.9 1.8
12. 23.3% 30 35.6 37.0 32.0 50.1 5.0
13. 23.3% 30 34.2 35.3 33.3 38.9 1.4
14. 23.3% 30 35.0 35.3 32.3 43.2 2.5

I have posted the same issue on Whirlpool Forums and so far we have got no response from the provider. and their HSPcomplete panel are hosted inside the same network thus neither are working at the moment. I can’t even get onto the support page to get the contact details (lucky there is Google cache).

Not happy Jen. Have to wait and see… Maybe it is a sign that I need to go to sleep now :)

Update 9AM AEST 27 Feb

I got a reply back from Web24 support this morning detailing the communication between Web24, Fujitsu and their up stream providers. Great job! Some paraphrased details:

  • Packet loss issue identified at 10:15pm on 26 February, and later found out it was an upstream router issue.

  • Web24 has been working with Fujitsu and Verizon in identifying and resolving the issue, and by 1:18am 27 February, the main web24 site failed over to US network (very good idea).

  • All the traffic are routing through secondary links by 4:45am, and still waiting for feedbacks on primary provider.

Pingdom still reports my site was down until around 8:20am. This is the graph generated from Cacti:

Web24/Fujitsu Network issue

Note that the network does not appear to be down from 10pm onwards because the querying packets are small enough to get through. I guess network connectivity is going to be patchy this morning.

John McCall Net-Ebooks Hollywood,Fl. Website 1: Website 2:

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BlueHost News

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8 Dec 2007 - Well BlueHost has done it again. They have just doubled their
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My Experience With BlueHost

This site has been hosted with BlueHost for about 3 years (since July 2004) and
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Way back in 1996 the web hosting industry saw the introduction of yet another
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BlueHost provides powerful and reliable web hosting services. As a customer of you can be assured of: Customer service satisfaction, best quality
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For the package that they offer and the mass amount of clientele they have,
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The outstanding services of BlueHost have been recognised by the industry
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This is one of the few older generation hosting companies that have survived the
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The aim of this article was to spread as much information on host gator rebate as possible. We surely do hope that we have succeeded in it.

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